My name is Jort Verhage, I am 17 years old and I have a tremendous passion for entrepreneurship, management and organization.

I have a dream that I would love to share with the world. 

I dream that my best friend, my fellow students and all the young people in this world can say that they live their lives as fully as possible. That they wake up with a smile, full of energy and that they can pursue their passions, ambitions and dreams every second of the day. 

I am convinced that we can make that possible by connecting young and old.

Companies, governments and educational institutions often talk about young people, make decisions for young people, but usually do not talk with young people.

Therefore, I go to incredible lengths in bringing these two groups together and let them inspire each other, learn from each other and mostly help each other to become the best version of themselves. 

We, the young people, have always been told to wait for our time. 

However, I think that it is our time and we need you to get out what’s in it.