Menno commenced is study finance in Amsterdam back in 1997. On the first day he was confronted
with a management simulation game and from that moment on he decided to put all his time and
effort in changing education. Together with his simulation team buddy Patrick Bouwens, Menno
started a long and intense journey of innovating higher education.

In the first 10 years of his career, Menno developed and exploited various business simulation games
all over the world; resulting in hundreds of universities using the engaging learning tools. After ten
years, Menno (and Patrick) decided to use all the learnings of building simulations for the purpose of
disrupting the rusted higher education book market. Nowadays ƚhe "edubook" platform is used by
more than 65.000 Students in The UK and The Netherlands.

Menno loves to inspire people to invest their time in purpose driven markets, like Edtech. In his
journey of building Edumundo, he also founded and sold Talmundo (an HR tech scale-up in people
onboarding). "The energy that comes from founding new companies around purpose driven concepts
is unbelievable motivating. Looking at the tens of thousands students that learn in a different, more
efficient and more resulting way thanks to Edumundo, is the best reward I can imagine, according to
Menno. It took 15 to 20 years of waiting and inventing products to get the Higher Education content
and learning materials market where it is today. Influenced by Covid 19, the online learning materials
business is accelerating big time. Every single initiative Menno took was a step on the road of
bringing Edumundo to the level where it is today.

As a leader, Menno can be considered a peoples person. Iƚ ƚook him a while ƚo accept that
colleagues are not the same as friends; but he still tries to keep 'the clubhouse atmosphere' in ƚhe
office͘ Iƚ's one of Edumundo's success factors: it's whaƚ brings the loyalty of the team.
Menno has been very active in the Higher Education scene. Not only in the cooperation from
Edumundo with multinational Publishers like Pearson, but also in guest lecturing in several
universities around the globe. Always on the road to predict the word of online and blended
education. This implies that Menno also succeeds in being an experienced public speaker and

Menno is currently working on scaling Edumundo. The products have now been deployed to more
then 30 countries and the aim is to bring simulations and Edubooks to all students world wide.

Besides being a CEO for Edumundo, he's also a trustworthy and inspiring companion to his co-
founders, a loyal leader to his colleagues and employees, and not to forget Menno is also a full-time

loving father to his family. is absolutely allergic to nit-picking and believes in the autonomy of each
employee. Menno is based out of The Hague - The Netherlands, and his big nerdy hobby is garden