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Najeeb Azad

Najeeb Azad, political and education activist

Born in Afghanistan, Najeeb and his family fled Afghanistan during the Taliban
regime in 1999 due to ethnic persecution and lived his childhood as a refugee in
Pakistan. He recently completed his postgraduate studies as the first Afghan
recipient of European Commission’s scholarship on Education Policies for Global
Development. Najeeb has previously worked with the United Nations, NGOs and
academic institutions. He has contributed to many national and international events
about the situation in Afghanistan. As part of his political and education activism, he
has spoken in various national and international events, organised panel discussions
and photo exhibitions across Europe to raise awareness about the situation in
Afghanistan. Najeeb firmly believes in the collective power of individuals in shaping
just and inclusive global policies and is dedicated to making the world a better and
equitable place for all!

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