My name is Rafia Karamowa. I am a 22-year-old Commercial Economic student at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam. I was born and raised in Amsterdam, the city I still live in and love dearly. I take pride in my heritage and the diverse and talented community around me, whom I learn from every day. 


My Ghanaian and Dutch roots have always been an essential aspect of my life. Having to code-switch in day to day situations made me aware of stereotypes and gaps in this society. Our educational system is missing key factors that can help young people develop their skills to impact this world. 


Our educational system is one of the reasons why I participate in various projects around the city. Project VoorUit, De Regenbooggroep, and Ambassadeurs van Amsterdam each fulfill the city's needs differently. 

Projects such as these broadcast societal issues and dilemmas, which I examine and debate with my friend, in our podcast 'Schaamteloos,' joined by various young thinkers of Amsterdam. We talk openly about essential subjects to dismantle any taboos. 


My goal is to connect and strengthen Amsterdam's young communities, as they will be the leaders of tomorrow.